Our classrooms are large, airy and bright with lots of natural light. The seating capacity is adequate even for large batch strengths. Classrooms are equipped with state-of-art Multimedia teaching aids. Pleasant & peaceful atmosphere is maintained which allows students to study with full concentration, interact with fellow students, and Enjoy the learning experience.







Any study in incomplete without books and Languages are no exception. On the contrary when it comes to foreign studies, books are very much necessary. It is not easy to acquire foreign language books with ease. This is where Libraries come to Rescue. Samwadini has a full fledged Library comprising of over 2000 books from Renowned publishers. Students of Samwadini are granted access to these books free of cost. Along with books, Samwadini library offers comprehensive reference study material.




  • JAP-ENG Dictionaries
Kodanshya, kenkyusha, Randomhouse etc.
KANJI Dictionaries Kenkyusha, Kenkyusha etc.
KANJI Card sets  
Preparation Book sets Mainichino Nihongo, Kikitori, Nihonbunka etc.
Magazines Nipponia, Edu Japan
Audio Cassettes / CDs Mainichino Nihongo, Kikitori, Nihonbunka etc.
Video Tutorials & Materials Nihongo Manabu etc.
Examination Sample Papers J.L.P.T. All levels, Business Japanese



Audio-Visual Aids

The use of Multimedia aids, makes learning language a very enjoyable experience. it helps to maintain a high level of interest in the lesson. it motivates students to use the language, especially at the beginning stages. It promotes greater student participation.

At Samwadini, we make extensive use of Audio-Visual aids while teaching. Our classrooms are equipped with high end Multimedia hardware like,

  • - Digital Projector
  • - Overhead Projector(OHP)
  • - Audio cassette CD-DVD players
  • - Headphones
  • - TV Screen
  • - VHS





Grants from Japan Foundation

We express our gratitude and thanks to the Japan Consulate & Japan Foundation. Without the enormous co-operation and support they extended to us, we would never have imagined the existence of Samwadini. We feel responsible to live up to their faith they have shown in us, and sustain our efforts to grow further.

Such grants are offered only to those institutes who stand upto their strict criteria for quality & standard of Japanese teaching. Grants were offered in the year 2004 & 2006 in form of Educational material like Books, Flash card sets and also multimedia like CD's, Video tapes, DVD's etc.