Japanese Language Proficiency Test (J.L.P.T.)

The Japanese language proficiency test(J.L.P.T.) is conducted by the Japan Foundation; a body of Ministry of Education of the Japan Government. The J.L.P.T. certification is the most standard certification in Japanese language which has recognition In India, Japan & all over the world.

Samwadini holds a tradition of having large number of students clearing the Certification exams with excellent grades.



Japanese Speech Contests(J.L.P.T.)

There are various speech contests organized by different organizations at Regional, State & National levels. As the name suggests, students have to prepare & deliver their speeches completely in Japanese language. The contests are judged by panel of native Japanese judges. Hence these are the opportunities where student gets to evaluate his Japanese language skills & proficiency. Our students have participated & have bagged many prizes at all the levels.